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Martial Arts Etiquette

At V7 Martial Arts, we seek to create a welcoming, safe environment for our members to train and grow in their practice. Here is common etiquette to follow:

Fingernails and toenails should be kept short and trimmed regularly.

Flip flops or sandals should be worn when walking on the main gym floor for sanitary reasons.

The student’s gi should be clean and washed before training on the mats.

Before stepping on the mats, the gi should be on and the belt properly tied. The belt should not be carried around the neck. The gi should be kept tight between rounds of training.

When stepping on or leaving the mats, the student should always bow facing the mats. This signifies respect and your willingness to learn.

If a student arrives late to class or needs to leave class early, as a courtesy, he or she should approach the Sensei teaching class to give a mutual bow and handshake.

During training, give respect to those ranked with higher belts. When rolling, if you and your partner come to close to those of higher belts, you should move to another location.

V7 Martial Arts’ approved colors for gis are white or blue. Some exceptions can be made under the head Sensei’s discretion.

When training MMA or Karate, hands should be wrapped and gloves worn when striking the punching bags or training pads.

Punching gloves should be kept on the mats or one’s training bag and not the gym floor for sanitary reasons.