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“I have seen talent in the 13 years of my martial arts career, and this place is FILLED with talent! Before coming to V7 I had my 2nd degree black belt in judo from Hawaii, blue belt in jujitsu, and wrestled in college in Nebraska. What makes a club great is not only the instructors/Senseis who teach the classes, but also the training partners and people who attend. V7 has BOTH! Great instructors, like head Sensei Nicolae Curry, and awesome training partners, which are there to help you, and make you better! This club is not about the money, or show boating and pride, as I have seen other places, but rather about making you to be the BEST you and helping you achieve at your highest potential in whatever martial art or class you choose to participate! Highly recommend for children, youth, teens, and adults!”

-Jacob Luning Hoshino




“As a newcomer to the grappling martial arts, I do not think I could have had a better experience. I have had many coaches over the years, and Nicolae Cury is most certainly one of the best I have ever trained under. He is extremely skilled in the marital arts, and he is able break down the complexities of Jiu-Jitsu for a beginner such as myself with an inspiring humility. The atmosphere of the gym reflects his attitude, and the higher level belts I have trained with have mirrored his approach and provided excellent mentoring and advice as well. This is a great place to learn about the marital arts, perfect their abilities, or get a good workout in.”

-Ellis Eifert


“I’ve trained at many different dojos since I moved to Moscow and V7 is hands down the best. Sensei Nicolae is not only an excellent instructor, but also very personable. He motivates us to improve both physically and technically while keeping the classes fun. He has cultivated a great training atmosphere with great people and I can’t stress enough how much of a positive experience it has been for me. Whether your goal is to train for competition, improve your fitness, or just try something new, I highly recommend that you stop in and give a class a try.”

-Danny Key

“I have been on the local martial arts scene for many years and have trained with a plethora of individuals. To have an instructor this high of caliber not in a major city is an amazing opportunity. In my travels and competitions, I’ve seen all the traits of great coaches; patience, encouragement, attachment, honor. Nicolae exemplifies all of those virtues. To recap, regardless of your rank or discipline or experience, V7 can help you realize and obtain your goals, be it self defense and confidence there in, or to progressing your competition game.”

-Dave Pearson

“My kids love it. Very nurturing and patient owners while teaching the martial art skills. My boys are a handful and are doing well learning self control and dicipline.”

-Amber Jarmillo



“My 5 year old has been going for a few months now and we absolutely love it. The staff is amazing. My daughter has judo 3 days a week and is excited every time.”

-Nicole Hassard Ossinger


“Was in town for a few days and decided to stop in to get some quality BJJ training on vacation. Great coaches and environment with some quality teaching! Very welcoming place. Highly reccomend to anyone looking to learn BJJ!”

-Jonathan Tullsen